The shapes of wood

Sculpting a feeling on the matter and reproducing it by imitating its natural and creative forms to become a "function", summarizes postforming in a nutshell. We cover the smooth, curved, or contoured surfaces of doors, tops, details and custom furnishings, with different kinds of wood veneer sheets and finishes.
Inspiration from nature, transformation from man

Imparting an emotion on matter and reproducing it over and over again on the surfaces, the barren beauty of the desert can be transformed into something that gives us back the ability to interpret what surrounds us with creativity. The possibilities of this technique, which allows us to create truly original products, are infinite. The finishes of the Touch line are innumerable and are also made on specific request.
Molding surfaces with soft lines

Nature is certainly a source of inspiration in the creation of exclusive furniture. Metaflex produces three-dimensional material surfaces with soft and suggestive lines, like raindrops, sand dunes, wave effects. Metaflex will be at your side to turn your ideas into concrete projects.


Knowing materials to create "value"


Raw materials are of fundamental importance to create high quality and long lasting pieces of furniture. Metaflex carefully chooses the materials, in order to adapt them to original and exclusive designs and to wear furnishing like a second skin. The experience of Metaflex is based on the knowledge of materials and their workability, so as to enhance grain and colors, depending on the object. The result is a highly personalized quality product.


Naturally flexible



Flexing materials is a matter of sensitivity, deep knowledge of their reactions to bending, heat, and the force exerted on them. Metaflex molds wood sheets giving life to the curvy  Form products, or reproducing the endless textures inspired by the nature of the Wave and Touch lines.



Respect for nature



The heart of Metaflex beats for the environment: the choice of materials and manufacturing processes is based on environmentally sustainable logics Recycling, the use of clean energy, safety in the workplace, are essential and indispensable elements for all those companies whose goal is not only profit, but also ethics, as a commitment to a collective growth.