When technology expresses intelligence


For over twenty years, Metaflex has produced semi-finished products for the furniture industry up to the manufacture of finished products, in which it participates from the stage of design and prototyping. The availability of state-of-the-art equipment for pressing, printing, and numerical control, for the processing of the panels and the preparation of highly qualified technicians, make Metaflex a point of reference and a partner of major international companies, in order to face increasingly new challenges.


Turning experience into excellence for innovation


The experience gained in the production of furniture and the deep knowledge of the materials, allow us to keep experimenting in new products and solutions. The most unique requests of our clients are often an opportunity to go past the "know-how", choosing new paths with surprising result.


An attentive interlocutor


Despite the production needs, we do forget the approach to the project, on which much of the quality of the final result depends. Metaflex has an internal design studio to address any problems that can be linked to the development and optimization of the product, from the early stages of the idea. Consultancy on the feasibility, prototyping, and evaluation of costs is an integral part of the Metaflex service, recognized by many customers as a prerogative for lasting relationships.